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An important consideration when making an investment in a new or used boat and/ or  motor. Via our partner company, GB Marine has relationships with the necessary lenders  both mainstream and specialist that can put together a finance package tailor made for your circumstances.

When you’re looking to purchase a boat, it’s important to take as much care selecting the  right finance as well as selecting the right colour!

GB Marine can arrange for the following types of finance package:

Hire Purchase
A hire purchase or HP is a common way to finance your purchase and is preferable for  those clients wishing to limit impact on cash flow by avoiding a large upfront payment. The  period of time the loan runs is predetermined and terms commonly run from one to five years where ownership is retained by the lender whilst you pay it off. The repayments can  be flexible to suit your individual needs.

Chattel mortgage
As the name suggests, with a chattel mortgage you actually own the boat. The lender then  takes a mortgage and holds a title on the your boat. When you finally pay the debt off, the  title reverts to you.

The lease option is designed to give you as much financial flexibility as possible. You  determine your payment terms and, at the end of the lease, there are a number of options  available to you, including trading in your boat. Budgeting is also easier with the fixed  interest rates associated with these loans, which mean that your repayments remain the  same throughout the term of the lease.

Please refer to our  contact us    page to speak with GB Marine  about financing your purchase